About Us


was established on March 28th,1985 in Surabaya – East Java of Indonesia, for the purpose of conducting import, trading, agency representation, marketing/sales, warehousing/storage/distribution of industrial & specialty chemicals to the industrial markets.



Very much a market oriented company, with clear industry-focus and customer-centric approach, IATM has grown over the decades to become a knowledge intensive , market-insightful company , with deep understanding of the needs of the targeted market segments, market & technological trends, competitive landscape and competitive movement relevant to our supplies. We position ourselves as a Chemical Solution & Service Provider and extend market-reach for our material supply partners.

Our business approach is guided by our Corporate Slogan – Delivering Value through Chemistry(knowledge driven), Creating Value through People (talent driven). Through representation of chemical companies in the forefront of chemistries and sourcing of competitive supplies, our product portfolio continues to evolve with technological changes,  and to grow in tandem with the emerging trends in the world - towards Green Chemistry and Ecologically Sustainable, contributing our small part in transforming our living place into a more circular economy – an industrial system that is restorative and regenerative.

IATM, headquartered in Surabaya, has a network of marketing/sales offices & logistic (warehousing/distribution) infrastructure across major cities throughout Java Island, namely Jakarta and Semarang.

IATM continues on the look-up for chemical manufacturing/processing opportunities where our market-reach and market-insight could add value to any such possible venture(s). The company had in 1991 joint ventured with local partners for the mining and processing of limestone into ultra-fine calcium carbonate in slurry form for use in paper making and paint industries, using wet ground grinding technology from Fimatec of Japan. The joint-venture with two plants,  is now a recognized market leader in the field of ultra-fine calcium carbonate slurry in Indonesia.

IATM remains highly vigilant and sensitive to the changing market needs, customer expectation, evolving and disruptive technological trends. We constantly change, modify our business structures and practices to stay relevance and useful to the market(s) we serve. We view ourselves to be an important link-component, a value-contributing partner in the total supply chain between our chemistry based material suppliers and industrial customers. We strive to be excellent in our endeavors. Our total resources, organizational methods, customer approach, logistic arrangement are geared towards meeting customer expectation & customer satisfaction.